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SVW Vertical Hot Water Boilers

SVW Vertical Hot Water Boilers

Sussman SVW Hot Water Boilers provide safe versatile and easy-to-use heat sources producing hot water for:

  • Industrial Process Heating
  • Industrial/Commercial Standby Heating
  • Comfort Heating
  • Supplementary Heating
  • Heat Pump Auxiliary Heating
  • Freeze Protection
  • Hot Water Supply

Optional Factory Equipment:

  • Main disconnect w/Door Interlock
  • Indoor-Outdoor Step Sequencers
  • Galvanized Vessel for direct water heating
  • Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeters
  • Interlock Flow-Switches
  • Low/High Pressure Shutoff Switches
  • External Staged-Sequence Pilot Light
  • High Temp. LWCO, High Pressure Alarms
  • Consult factory for additional options

Standard Features:

  • Fully insulated ASME coded & stamped Carbon Steel pressure vessel, Code H, 160 PSIG
  • National Board registered
  • ASME safety relief valve set @ 150 PSIG
  • NPT inlet/outlet fittings up to 3-1/2"; flanged inlet/outlet fittings 4" and over
  • Incoloy sheathed immersion element complete with epoxy seals
  • NEMA 1 epoxy finished control panel and heater enclosure
  • Drain valve at lowest practical vessel location
  • Temperature and pressure gauges panel mounted
  • Operating temperature range 160° to 250°F
  • On/off staging up to 90 amp rating
  • Proportional temperature controller for units over 95 amps with complete step controller
  • Manual reset high limit, 250° F max
  • Electronic low water cut off with automatic reset standard
  • 120V control circuit complete with on/off switch and indicating pilot light
  • Sub-circuit power fusing, class "J"
  • Industrial rated magnetic contactors
  • Boiler operating mode indicator lights
  • Automatic air venting valve
  • 120VAC control circuit transformer w/fusing
  • Pressure gauge w/isolation stopcock
  • Inspection/clean-out vessel opening
  • Magnetic contactors.

Sussman SVW Hot Water Boilers are engineered to perform as an efficient energy management program for hot water heating systems and offer these excellent benefits:

  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • No Fuel Delivery/Storage Problems
  • Low Maintenance
  • Years of Trouble-Free Operation
  • Delivered Factory Tested, Ready to Use


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