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SHE Pure Steam Generator: Specifications

SHE Pure Steam Generator: Specifications

Typical Steam Heat Exchanger Layout

Available Factory Options
  • Water/Steam Separator
  • 316L Construction Product Side
  • Motor/Pump Feed for Make-Up Water
  • Steam Outlet Valve
Standard SHE Factory Features
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code U, UM Section VIII
  • Float-Type Liquid Level Control, externally plumbed
  • Straight Double Tubesheet Exchanger
  • Operating Pressure Control
  • High Limit Pressure Control
  • All Surfaces Series 300 Stainless Steel, Standard
  • Vertical Space-Saving Design
  • Plant Side Steam Trap
  • Blowdown/Drain Valve
  • Feed Water Inlet Solenoid Valve
  • Liquid Level Gauge Glass Assembly
  • Safety Valve ASME Code
  • Finish: Unpolished and Passivated
  • Steel Support Frame


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Parts List
1 Stainless Steel Safety
2 Brass Steam Solenoid Valve
3 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
4 Liquid Level Control
5 Gauge Glass
6 Drain Valve
7 Operating Pressure Control
8 Stainless Pressure Gauge
9 High Limit Pressure Control
10 Electrical Enclosure
11 Steam Trap
12 Strainer
13 Stainless Steel Water Feed Solenoid Valve
14 Stainless Vall Valve (Drain)
15 Stainless Steel Check Valve